Giving feedback feels like such big a responsibility. My memories of negative feedback being demotivated mean I like to take my time with it, but time is luxury I don’t seem to have enough of.

At the end of each term it can be easy to forget about the comments themselves and just focus on the looming deadline.

For this topic I read The Validity of Formative Assessments by Terry Crooks, (2001). It was a great reminder of why it is important take time giving students clear and considered messages through feedback.

Crooks says, “It appears to be one of the most potent forces influencing education. Accordingly, it deserves very careful planning and considerable investment of time from educators.” Obviously finding a balance is important, but it did make me feel as if the battle to give considered feedback is worth fighting.

Crooks also mentions students learning how to self assess. “Self-monitoring is a key component of the work of all professionals, so if we want our students to become professional learners and professionals in their fields we should actively promote self-assessment.”

This element is so important in journalism. We need to give learners the skills to identify what makes something good so they can compete in a competitive market. With this in mind, I am now really keen to implement a lot more peer assessment into my sessions in the coming term.